Teach Abroad – International Education – Mike Greenhoe

My guest on today’s podcast is Mike Greenhoe. Mike is a High School Science teacher at Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany. Mike has worked at Black Forest Academy also commonly known as BFA for over 15 years. His first 4 years were spent as a Resident Assistant living and working with a dorm of 28 teenage boys. He decided he wanted to move into the classroom so he returned to the United States to obtain his teacher’s license at his collegiate alma mater, Anderson University. Once his teaching program was complete, he returned to BFA to take on the role of high school science teacher. 

Topics and Organizations mentioned:

Extra Curricular Sponsorship, Travel, Children, Housing, Healthcare, Boarding School, Black Forest Academy, Anderson University, Campus Crusade, Wycliff, Teach Beyond

Greater Europe Mission, St. Martin’s Day

Locations mentioned:  

Basel, Switzerland, Ireland, Sicily, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Trieste, Italy, Normandy, France, Slovenia, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Teach Abroad – International Education – Julie Thompson Bowen

My guest on today’s podcast is Julie Thompson Bowen who is originally from Ontario, Canada. Julie’s teaching career has spanned 6 continents and 20 years. Julie has a special interest in integrating technology with learning for her primary aged students. In addition to the diverse places Julie has lived and taught she has adapted her teaching to six different curriculums including Ontario, Cambridge, International Baccalaureate, as well as Chilean, British, and English National Curriculums. 

Topics and Organizations mentioned:

Design Thinking, Numbeo, School Tiers, Saving Money, Pension, Housing Allowance, Children’s Education, Third Culture Kid, Pedagogy, Udemy, Facebook, Aiglon College, International School Bangkok, Genius Hour

Locations mentioned:

Australia, Ontario, Canada, Prague, Czech Republic, Chile, Singapore, Slovakia, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand

Teach Abroad – International Education – Hala Al-Azzawi

Hala Al-Azzawi is a Year 3 Learning Support teacher at Nadeed School Bahrain. As a student Hala lived in Iraq and Australia. She began working internationally in 2014 and has since worked in Ireland, Jordan and Bahrain. Hala shares how her passion for education led her to a rewarding and challenging career as an international educator working with primary students.

Topics and organizations mentioned:

Flexibility, Family Support, Travel, IB Curriculum, PYP (Primary Year Program), National Curriculum of England, Cambridge Curriculum, Nadeen School Bahrain, Search Associates, Teacher Horizons, ESL (English as a Second Language)

Locations mentioned: 

Sri Lanka, India, Jordan, Bahrain, Ireland, Iraq, Australia, Bali, Singapore, Azerbiajan, Oman, Japan

Teach Abroad – International Education – Lindsey Murff Part 2 of 2

This concludes my interview with Lindsey Muff. Lindsey began her teaching career in Texas of the United States. When Lindsey and her husband decided to teach abroad they found positions with Quality Schools International (QSI) in Shenzhen, China. Now in their third placement with QSI, Lindsey discusses quality of life issues like, finances, travel, staying connected with her extended family, and the type of life she wants her children to have. Lindsey also advises teachers thinking about moving abroad to be patient while transitioning to another culture and to bring aspects of home with them. 

Organizations and topics covered in this episode include: 
Family Support, Health Care, Home Sickness, Inexpensive Travel, Ikea,QSI International School Bratislava, SOS clinics, Student Debt, Third Culture Kid, Tony Chachere Seasonings
Vienna, Austria, Slovakia, China, Kazakhstan, London, and the Netherlands

Teach Abroad – International Education – Lindsey Murff Part 1 of 2

In part 1 of this 2 part interview, Lindsey Murff, education major from the University of Houston, spent the first 8 years of her career teaching in Texas. Two years after her husband also became a teacher they moved their family to China to teach at QSI International School of Shenzhen. Lindsey shares how the QSI organization has been her international family as she transitioned from China to Almaty, Kazakhstan and then to her current location in Bratislava, Slovakia. 

Lindsey shares about the teaching similarities and differences between her experience in Texas and teaching abroad. Highlights include feeling valued and supported, the ease of transition from one country to another, and the flexibility she has to adapt curriculum to best teach her students.

China, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, TIE Online, Search Associates, and Quality Schools International (QSI)

Teach Abroad – International Education


Brian White’s serendipitous journey from band student to international educator

Brian White is a middle school band instructor with over 15 years of international teaching experience. Brian takes the listener on his serendipitous journey from high school band student to international educator and from Midwesterner of the United States of America to world traveler. Brian’s love of music and willingness to try new experiences has led to a fulfilling career and an exceptional life for he and his family. 

Brian shares how he was first introduced to teaching abroad, how he connected with agencies that helped him find an excellent school, and why he loves to live and teach overseas. 

Organizations and resources mentioned in this episode include: Singapore American School, Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools, Search Associates, International School Services (ISS), JoyJobs.com, and Numbeo.