Teach Abroad – International Education Mimi Maruri

Mimi Maruri has been teaching Spanish for almost 20 years in places such as India, Barbados, Philippines, Egypt and currently at Gems World Academy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Mimi earned her visual arts degree with teaching qualification from Universidad Nacional de las Artes, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While she did  not start out with aspirations to be a teacher, after university she very quickly found out she was a gifted teacher capable of developing a world class Spanish curriculum. 

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IB Curriculum, Curriculum Development,  Expat, Gems World Academy, Prejudice, Security, Spanish, Travel, Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Visa 

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Argentina, Barbados, Egypt, Bangalore, India, Philippines, Dubai, UAE

Teach Abroad – International Education – Laura Rigney

Today’s guest on the Teach Abroad Podcast is Laura Rigney. Originally from Guernsey in the United Kingdom, Laura earned her teacher qualifications through the Teach First program. After three years teaching in London she moved abroad to Cairo, Egypt. From Cairo she moved to Ireland and now is in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Laura has taken the skills and experiences she learned in the classroom and now helps educators find international teaching opportunities through her work with Teacherhorizons.

To contact Laura, email her at Laura@teacherhorizons.com

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Cairo English School, Cambridge University, Cost of Living, Gems Education,  IB Curriculum, Mathematics, Online Tutoring, Resilience, Teach First, Teacherhorizons

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Cairo, London, Guernsey, Ireland, United Kingdom

Teach Abroad – International Education – Katherine Chiu

Today’s guest on the Teach Abroad Podcast is Katherine Chiu. Katherine is an art teacher who has been living abroad since 2001. She began her teaching career in London going on to work in Moscow, Hong Kong, and Zeng Cheng, China. Currently Katherine is completing her Masters in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University, supply teaching at international schools in Hong Kong, and working as a recruitment adviser for Teacherhorizons.  

To see Katherine’s art or to contact her please visit her website katherinechiuart.com or her Instagram account @katchiu. 

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American Curriculum, Art, British Curriculum, Career Change, Expat, Gap Year, IB Curriculum, Supply Teaching, TEFL Certification

American International School Hong Kong, British International School Moscow, Facebook Group – International School Teachers, Hong Kong Baptist University, Teacherhorizons, Westminster School in London, University of Greenwich, School of Oriental and African Studies

Locations mentioned:

Antarctic, France, London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Zeng Cheng, China

Teach Abroad – International Education – Danny Glasner

Danny Glasner is a teacher librarian working at United World College in Phuket, Thailand. Danny is originally from Toronto, Canada and has been working internationally for over 12 years. He has worked in Canada, China, Vietnam and Thailand where he has had the roles of primary teacher, middle school ESL, tech coach and librarian. He discusses his transition from dot com sales to being a librarian, the interconnected world of International Education, and many other topics. 

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Adaptation, Autonomy, Career Change, Education Systems, ESL (English Second Language), Inquiry, Job Satisfaction, Libraries, Reading, School Organization, Trailing Spouse, Work Environment, United World Colleges, United World College Thailand

Locations mentioned:

Beijing and Zhuhai, China, Istanbul, Turkey, Phuket, Thailand, Toronto, Canada, Vietnam

Teach Abroad – International Education – James Mattiace

James Mattiace began his career in Upstate New York, in the United States as a social science teacher. His first international placement was in Rabat, Morocco. James went on to teach in Panama City, Panama. Several years later he became an assistant principal there and will be moving in July to the American School of Taichung, Taiwan as the secondary principal.

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IB Curriculum, Goal Setting, Hiring Process, Inquiry Based Learning, Politics, Trailing Spouse, Education Motivation, Teacher Evaluation
American School of Taichung, International School of Panama, International School of Luxembourg, International School Review, Rabat American School, ISS – International School Services, Search Associates, TIE Online

Locations mentioned:

New York, USA, Oregon, USA, Rabat, Morocco, Panama City, Panama, Taiwan

Teach Abroad – International Education – Jason Reagin

Jason Reagin is a highly experienced international educator who has been teaching and leading overseas for more than 20 years. He started his teaching career in Stone Mountain, GA, USA. Jason has now taught in China, Bermuda, and South Korea as well as going back to teach in Georgia on a couple occasions. Jason has worked with multiple curriculums, but has become a world expert on IB curriculum. As an educational leader he believes in building strong teams through collaboration and a positive spirit of mutual respect. 

To get in touch with Jason contact him through his website or on Twitter @diskon4no.   

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Design, IB Curriculum, IBEN – International Baccalaureate Educators Network, Community, Maker Space, Mentor, Chinese, English Medium School, International School Community


Georgia, USA, Beijing,China, Bermuda, South Korea

Teach Abroad – International Education – Morgan Trotter

Today’s guest on the Teach Abroad podcast is Morgan Trotter. Morgan is a Midwesterner of the United States who graduated from Calvin University in Spring 2018 with a degree in International Development. Morgan is in her second year teaching at Abundant Life Christian School in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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Benefits, Cost of Living, Culture Shock, Family Support, Healthcare, Housing Allowance, Passion, Reverse Culture Shock, Study Abroad 

Abundant Life Christian School, Calvin University

Locations mentioned:

Michigan, USA, Honduras 

Teach Abroad – International Education – Kent Blakeney

My guest on today’s show is Kent Blakeney. Kent is an accomplished international educator who is also an author and a global expert on the topic of bullying and victimization. Kent has been both a teacher and Middle School Coordinator while abroad. As a trailing spouse, he has learned that flexibility is a key life skill for all international educators.

To contact Kent for information about bullying and victimization email him at keblakeney@hotmail.com. Purchase his book here: Teaching Overseas: An Insider’s Perspective 

Topics and Organizations mentioned:

Bullying and Victimization, Flexibility, IB (International Baccalaureate) and AP (Advanced Placement) Curriculums, Job Search Strategies, Professional Development, Reverse Culture Shock, Teaching Overseas: An Insider’s Perspective, Trailing Spouse.

American School of Antananarivo, American International School – Vienna, American Nicaraguan School, Lincoln School Nepal, International School of Dakar, Peace Corps, Rabat American School, TIEOnline 

Locations mentioned:

Austria, Madagascar, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nepal, Paris, France, Senegal, Virgina, USA

Teach Abroad – International Education – Kristine White

My guest on today’s podcast is Kristine White. Kristine is a fourth grade educator at Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. She has taught internationally for 16 years in both Singapore and Suadi Arabia. Kristine’s husband Brian White was my guest in episode one of the Teach Abroad Podcast, but today we are focusing on Kristine’s journey as an international educator.

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Career Change, Continuing Education, Curriculum Development, Illinois State University, International School System,  Safety, Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools, Singapore American School, TCNJ – The College of New Jersey, Team leadership, Teacher Certification, and Travel.

Places mentioned:

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, Cairo, Egypt, and Mallorca, Spain.

Teach Abroad – International Education

My guest on today’s podcast is Mark Webber. Mark is an experienced educator with over 20 years in the field. He has taught in Venezuela, Malaysia, Sudan, and Mexico as well as his home country of the United States. In 2012, Mark founded Webber’s Ed – Teacher, Talent, and Consulting which focuses on teacher recruitment and placement for Latin American schools and educators wanting to relocate to that part of the world.

Get in touch with Mark through www.webbersed.com, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or email: markjosephwebber@gmail.com

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American School of El Salvador, Route of Che Guevara Asociacion Mexicana de Debate, Wharton County Junior College, Pies Descalzos, The Tri Association, Latin American Heads Conference

Locations mentioned:

Brazil, Caracas, Venezuela, Malaysia, Mexico, Sudan, Texas