Teach Abroad – International Education – Kristine White

My guest on today’s podcast is Kristine White. Kristine is a fourth grade educator at Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. She has taught internationally for 16 years in both Singapore and Suadi Arabia. Kristine’s husband Brian White was my guest in episode one of the Teach Abroad Podcast, but today we are focusing on Kristine’s journey as an international educator.

Topics and Organizations mentioned:

Career Change, Continuing Education, Curriculum Development, Illinois State University, International School System,  Safety, Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools, Singapore American School, TCNJ – The College of New Jersey, Team leadership, Teacher Certification, and Travel.

Places mentioned:

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, Cairo, Egypt, and Mallorca, Spain.

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