Teach Abroad – International Education – Kent Blakeney

My guest on today’s show is Kent Blakeney. Kent is an accomplished international educator who is also an author and a global expert on the topic of bullying and victimization. Kent has been both a teacher and Middle School Coordinator while abroad. As a trailing spouse, he has learned that flexibility is a key life skill for all international educators.

To contact Kent for information about bullying and victimization email him at keblakeney@hotmail.com. Purchase his book here: Teaching Overseas: An Insider’s Perspective 

Topics and Organizations mentioned:

Bullying and Victimization, Flexibility, IB (International Baccalaureate) and AP (Advanced Placement) Curriculums, Job Search Strategies, Professional Development, Reverse Culture Shock, Teaching Overseas: An Insider’s Perspective, Trailing Spouse.

American School of Antananarivo, American International School – Vienna, American Nicaraguan School, Lincoln School Nepal, International School of Dakar, Peace Corps, Rabat American School, TIEOnline 

Locations mentioned:

Austria, Madagascar, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nepal, Paris, France, Senegal, Virgina, USA

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