Teach Abroad – International Education – Katherine Chiu

Today’s guest on the Teach Abroad Podcast is Katherine Chiu. Katherine is an art teacher who has been living abroad since 2001. She began her teaching career in London going on to work in Moscow, Hong Kong, and Zeng Cheng, China. Currently Katherine is completing her Masters in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University, supply teaching at international schools in Hong Kong, and working as a recruitment adviser for Teacherhorizons.  

To see Katherine’s art or to contact her please visit her website katherinechiuart.com or her Instagram account @katchiu. 

Topics and organizations mentioned:

American Curriculum, Art, British Curriculum, Career Change, Expat, Gap Year, IB Curriculum, Supply Teaching, TEFL Certification

American International School Hong Kong, British International School Moscow, Facebook Group – International School Teachers, Hong Kong Baptist University, Teacherhorizons, Westminster School in London, University of Greenwich, School of Oriental and African Studies

Locations mentioned:

Antarctic, France, London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Zeng Cheng, China

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