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Al’Alami Education

Recruiting the best teachers is difficult.

You know quality teachers are the key to successfully educating your students, but recruiting teachers is difficult from your part of the world.

The good news is you have a recruiter located in the United States visiting college campuses, promoting your school in person and through social media, and recruiting the best teachers for your students.

In-class Presentations to Teacher Candidates

Representation at Teacher Job Fairs

Weekly Social Media Branding

Steps to Creating Teacher Demand for your school

  1. On-site consultation – We visit your school for 3-5 days
  2. Creation of original content unique to your school
  3. Weekly social media posts so teachers can learn about your students, school, and teaching opportunities
  4. Classroom presentations throughout the year to teacher candidates
  5. Recruiting at multiple Teacher Job Fairs in the United States

What makes Al’Alami Education different?

Teaching Abroad remains a “secret” among current and emerging professionals. Al’Alami Education focuses on bringing new teachers into the field of International Education. Through college and university recruitment a concerted effort is made to find teachers new to the profession. New teachers bring their enthusiasm, flexibility, and sense of adventure to the classroom.

By visiting your school, learning what makes you unique, and then taking your story into the college classroom; your school will become a destination of choice for new teachers year after year.

We offer 3 services for International Schools. 

The primary and best value service begins with us coming to your school, capturing unique content that will then be shared through in class presentations and social media. This is especially cost effective for schools who hire 4 or more teachers each year because all our services are included in one fee. In addition to our marketing services, you will have access to all teachers in our database and be represented at multiple teacher job fairs.

Our second service is for school’s with multiple openings who want to increase their candidate reach by working with an additional recruiting firm. For a negotiated price Al’Alami Eduction will promote your openings and match qualified candidates from our database. Payment is made only when a position is filled.

Our third service is representation at teacher job fairs during the spring collegiate semester at multiple colleges and universities in the Midwest of the United States of America. This a quality option for 1) schools that want to expand their physical presence in the US while containing costs and 2) for schools needing a “late in the hiring season” influx of candidates.

*Al’Alami Education will only represent a limited number of international schools so it can best promote each of schools’ unique value and teaching opportunities.